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Database Description

The International Education Research Database (IERD) was initiated by the IB Research Team in 2002, and redeveloped in 2012. Our aim is to provide those in the field of international education research with a tool to find useful references and resources, as well as provide a venue to share their own references. This is a collaborative effort by a range of different parties interested in international education.

The database has been assembled using a wide range of resources and methods. It is a referencing resource, rather than an online library, and does not hold the actual publications, but in many instances links back to the complete text or publisher. The database is updated on a regular basis by the IB Research team, but relies on the uploads of its users for its continued growth. It currently holds several thousand references and is accessed by researchers throughout the world.

This exciting and challenging service aims to:

1. Define the field of international education.
2. Offer a valuable resource to a wide range of researchers.
3. Provide a venue to assist researchers in disseminating their own work.

We are very keen to continually update this resource and we would welcome all references from you. You may wish to contribute to the growth of the research database by providing us with new references in any language.

To submit a new reference, you must register with us first. This is a quick and free process that offers users a facility to submit a new reference. Registration offers a number of benefits that will allow you to use this online service much more efficiently.

Please familiarize yourself with the inclusion and exclusion categories for the International Education Research Database.

Enjoy your reference search.

The IB Research Team

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Quick Facts

The Research database currently contains 6169 references.

1779 of our references have links directly to the journal/article webpages.

Latest resource published on
08 March 2019.

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