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Inclusion and Exclusion Categories

The International Education Research Database is a collaborative and inclusive effort. Therefore, we have outlined some criteria that may be useful when considering sending us a new reference. Although we recognise that Education is a very broad, rich and diverse field, this is a database concerned with International Education, so many Education or even Comparative Education references will be outside its remit. However, we feel that some aspects of Education which are not directly related to International Education may nevertheless be of benefit to it or may refer to the IB.

Inclusion categories:

 - All publications related to "international education", "international schools" or "International Baccalaureate".

 - Articles from such journals as the International Schools Journal (ISJ), the Journal of Research in International Education (JRIE), Journal of Studies in International Education, Globalisation, Societies and Education, Intercultural Education, Comparative Education Review, etc.

 - Comparative or other publications that involve educational fieldwork in more than two countries, and are concerned with issues that transcend national borders.

 - Comparative or other publications that involve educational fieldwork in only one country, but are concerned with broader issues that transcend national borders.

 - Publications international in nature that concern schools, colleges, universities, other educational institutions, the educational experiences of students, parents, teachers or administrators, or multicultural, management or linguistic studies.

Exclusion categories:

 - Publications that are concerned with education, whether in theory or practice, if they do not refer to international education.

 - Publications concerned with teaching practices, or any article that serves as a manual for a particular practice or system.

 - Publications concerned exclusively with national issues.

 - Comparative or other publications with a very narrow scope.

 - References which are not scholarly in nature.

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